Sand Convulvulus

Sand Convulvulus


Sand Convulvulus; shore bindweed, Nihinihi, Panahi, Rauparahu

Where does it grow?

It is found on the coast throughout NZ.  It grows in both the foredunes and in the mid-dune areas.  It is sometimes found growing between spinifex and pingao.

Sand Convulvulus. Photo supplied by Colin Olge

What does it look like?

The plant often forms, low mounds.  It has distinctive glossy, kidney shaped leaves that are strongly veined. Its stems creep along the sand and it has long underground roots. The solitary, trumpet shaped and paper like flowers are about 4 cm in diameter.  They are a pale purplish-pink with white stripes.  It flowers from October to March.  It forms large brown seed pods after flowering. 

Why is it important to Castlecliff?

Like the sand coprosmos, convolvulus helps to bind the sand and its attractive flower provides colour to the dunes.