Pink ragwort

Pink ragwort

Botanical Name: Senecio glastifolius

Family: Asteraceae (daisy)

Also known as: Holly-leafed senecio

Where is it originally from?: South Africa

What does it look like?

Upright perennial (<1 m tall) with oval, coarsely toothed, light green leaves and cluster of bright pink, purple, or mauve, daisy-like flowers with yellow centres (Sep-Nov). Downy, wind-spread seeds.

Are there any similar species?

Cineraria, purple groundsel, and some garden daisies can look similar

Why is it weedy?

Seeds spread rapidly in the wind. Invades large areas and forms a dense cover.

How does it spread?

Wind-bourne seeds, dumping, and deliberate planting for the flowers.

What damage does it do?

Poisonous to stock, takes over large areas of pasture, grassland, cliffs and dune sites.

Which habitats is it likely to invade?

Pasture, grassland, cliffs and dune sites.

What can I do to get rid of it?

Pull out the plant and dispose of any seedheads to prevent spread.